Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Collective Power of Knitters

I have a few blogs that I read.  I found Yarn Harlot's blog before I opened the shop.  I look forward to her insights on her life and her knitting and spinning.  If you have been following her musings for the past few months you will know that she has been training to be part of this amazing bike rally that will take her from Toronto to Montreal in 6 days.  She needed to raise funds to be part of the rally, $1100 gets you in.   Her goal was to get more, a little more. She asked her readers, she tempted them with prizes from her stash, others responded by donating some of their stash and products to be used as prizes for donations. The whole thing became this big ball of yarn that exploded into..check out the total so far

Today was the first leg of the rally, they went through Newcastle and down into the Bond Head area before heading off to Port Hope (following the waterfront trail).

Today 'The Farmer' had a repair to make on our machine I like to call: "the house with a pool" ( you don't really want to know how much the repair will cost;  look at the vehicle in your driveway $$$)  As we drove to get to the field this is what we encountered: (picture quality is fuzzy as I took them out of a moving truck, it was crazy down there!)

Yarn Harlot tells the story about the whole thing a whole lot better.  If you have some extra cash that needs a good cause send some her way.  Prove to the world that knitter's are a force for goodness in all that we do!


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Paula said...

Combine problems? Colin and dad have started the wheat and it looks great this year. Probably the only crop that will be said about.

Isn't Stephanie amazing? I couldn't imagine attempting a race like that.