Friday, June 29, 2012

How much?

The shop is closed for the next 4 days, I hope you don't mind.  That means I will have some serious knitting time. What to work on during those 4 days?  I have a sweater on the go, a second sock to make and there is a shawl from my own stash yarn that I am working on. Should I plan something else?

I want something that I can just pick up when I get to be the passenger in the car.  The sweater is too big at this point, the shawl is almost finished and the socks are 'toe up' on  a circular needle.  You can see my dilema.  I am looking, you would think it would be easy to choose? Wait until Wednesday, when I am back and I will let you know what I decided.

Have a lovely Canada day weekend!

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