Friday, August 5, 2011


Last year I made BLT, which was followed by Gwen's VBLT and my ULT. Now we have BBT, Big Brown Thing!

A while ago there was a wedding, this weekend is the reception. When the engagement was announced I tried to come up with a gift for the couple; when I can, I like to make gifts, just me. Big Brown Thing is just BLT (Hemlock Ring) made with Chunky Brown Yarn. Cascade yarns 128 Super wash in Chocolate Brown. I found that anything lace is best made using natural fibers, they just block easier. The Super wash was me just being nice to the couple.

I used 6.5 mm circular needles, I was amazed that a 32 inch needle will hold over 500 stitches. See the little swirl of yarn in the top left corner it's what was left of the 6th skein.

Before Blocking it was quite lumpy. After a 20 minute soak in SOAK it was pinned it to all blocking boards I could find. It measures 54" after blocking. The drape is lovely.

This pattern really just flies, round and round you go for 4 rows and then there is one 'pattern' row, loads of counting. It took about 10 days, a bit at a time, to make the blanket.

I hope they like it.

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Anonymous said...

I am sure they will love it. I was handling it at knittin Club, lovely and spongy...nice!