Tuesday, August 2, 2011


When did that happen?

Just a few things that are happening in August:

Knitt'n Nights are the 2nd (tonight) and 16th and perhaps the 30th.

The 12th is Downtown Bowmanville's Moonlight Madness, which means I am here until 11 pm. Come in for drop in knitting and have supper downtown that night.

The 13th...there is a Wedding. The store will close at 3 pm. (I get to go as a guest, that will be fun!)

I would like to post my newest project, but we have to wait until I give it away. If you come tonight it's here at the shop.

Keep cool,

See You Soon


Andrea said...

I hope you all had fun at knitting last night, while I was hurling through the air in a giant piece of metal (i.e. air plane to Hungary). Maybe I will join you again next year:)

Soper Creek Yarn said...

I was happy you could make it one time, travelling from Hungary is a long way for knitt'n night! See you next summer!