Monday, August 29, 2011

Thick Black and smelly!

It's Monday and I was making my to the shop I could see black smoke rising above the downtown. (crap!) It didn't take long for me to see that it was down the hill and on the other side of King Street. As small crowd was forming just outside the front door and in front of Roses Coffee shop. It was the restaurant across the corner just past the lights on Scugog. The sounds of the sirens and the smell of the smoke brought back some pretty tough memories.

I decided that the smoke was not a good thing to be breathing and headed inside. Today was 'floor' day and Rich was coming in about 1 pm to clean and polish the tile floor.

I started moving yarn and fixtures into the back room to clear the floor so that Rich could work. As the street was blocked off he had to maneuver everything through the back door; which made finding space for everything even more challenging.

But it's done and now its waiting for me to return tomorrow to find everything again. Fortunately the wind blew most of the smoke to the west and north of the downtown. The shops in the West end closed early for the day.

Soper Creek Yarn is closed Tuesday.

This weekend is Labour day weekend and I am taking a 3 day weekend by closing on Saturday.

Then everything should be back to normal, what ever that is!


Andrea said...

Is Rose's ok? did you ever find out what happened?

Soper Creek Yarn said...

Roses closed early because of the smoke, but really only the Chinese Restaurant was affected by the fire.