Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The First One and the Last One!

Yesterday, Monday, my day off? I decided a trip into the city was in order.

After a dentist appointment I headed off. Picked up a few bags then to the warehouse to pick up an order and scan the sale bin for some goodies.

When I arrived I passed one of the owner's office and it was in darkness, 'must be away today I thought?'. Then went by office number 2 and same thing. The whole 'office' area seemed very quiet, very strange. Then I headed into the shipping area and there they all were working like honey bees trying to get orders packed and ready to ship.

Mine was ready and waiting to pick-up. I was the first shop in Canada to receive the shipment of new things from Sirdar!

New Baby books, new yarn, new colours. They filled the car!

Come see,

Pictures when I unpack and find room.

Best part about yesterday, going into Ikea to find one more 'trestle' for The Girl. They have been discontinued and are in short supply. The website told me that the Vaughan store had 1 in stock. It was worth the chance to complete the set for her. There were none on display. The nice lady in the department told me they didn't have any in stock. I headed down into the pick-up area and I thought I would just check. Sure enough there by itself was one lonely box, waiting for me! I think I got the last one!

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