Friday, April 23, 2010

Must be Spring!

Signs of spring are everywhere, perennials and weeds are popping up out of the ground. My Husband is spending way too much time behind the wheel of the tractor again. The Girl has finished another year of University. She graduates this year, but has decided to go back and take another course more suited to her interests. She is home for a week and then goes back for another summer at her really interesting job.

The Boy is back to work, doing landscaping; between the 4 of us we are working almost 200 hours a week! (we are tired!)

If we look a bit weary you can understand.

It's time for some Spring Cleaning! I have been wandering around the shop looking for space for some new yarns. The only way to make room quickly is to have a Clean-up! Watch for more details as we decide what needs to go out!

Maplefest is next weekend, but why wait for next Saturday to grab some of the goodies, regular blog readers are the first to know about the specials!

Those on Ravelry will get a heads up later in the week!

Come next week, check out some great yarn at good prices, when it's gone, it's gone!

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Paula said...

It's definitely spring. My girlfriend (in London) became a crop widow a couple weeks ago and Daddy is disappearing to the fields most days here too.