Thursday, April 8, 2010

Farm Connections

Last night was a night out for me! I was asked to volunteer as a tour guide for Durham Farm Connections. This event is a way to promote agricultural awareness for Durham Region. (Agriculture is the 2nd largest industry within Durham Region)
I am proud to be associated with this event, even in my very small way. This year The Boy was one of the presenters at one of the morning sessions. What amazed him was the fact that many people do not know where their food comes from or how it is produced. (One grade three student was completely surprised that potatoes and peanuts grew in the get food from the grocery store!) Visit local farmer's markets this summer and speak to the producers of the food you eat, they are wonderful community people.

While I was there I took in the Sheep Shearing demonstration. Rebecca described the process while Brad wrangled the ewe into position. Canadian Sheep Farmers don't raise sheep for the Wool they create, it's coarse and itchy! The fleece is used by industry to create felt, carpeting and other industrial goods. Some specific sheep are raised by small operations for their fine fleece, but it's not a profitable industry. Part of the reason that I justify this decision to open the shop, is that in a way I am still promoting agriculture. Any fibre that is natural, is grown by a Farmer, most of them are family run operations who support the local community with jobs, food and currency. (I'll get off my Soap Box now!)
Then I spent some time with my Spinning friends who were giving a demonstration. Every time I see them in action I think I should try spinning, and then I come to my senses! I would rather just work with the Yarn.
While watching a spinning demonstration you should always check out the spinner's footwear!
This foot belongs to Gwen, the socks are a new pattern developed by a knitter with 2 Degrees in Mathematics. They are on my to do list!
Okay now to the good stuff, this weekend is the Beginning of my Spring Cleaning Event! Starting Saturday a whole new batch of Yarn is on sale. This is stock that I would like to see gone, great yarn that you will love. Regia Sock yarn (Selected colours), Freedom Spirit, Gorgeous DK, some colours of Shepherd Classic wool! All at least 30% off! More Yarn has been added to the $2.95 each or 10/$25 bin.
See You Soon!

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