Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday is for...

The Girl is home, we decided a road trip was in order. Since she works part time at a bead shop, I decided to use her expertise and we visited a bead warehouse! We came home with some basic supplies, not too much, just some beads for doing lace weight stuff and a few 'findings'.

On the way I dragged her into one of my suppliers. I wanted to pick up some yarn to make 'Helmet Liners'. The pattern was created using Cascade 220, although the Shepherd Classic Wool works just as well.

Cascade 220 is a very nice yarn, loads of colours and 100% wool. Felts well which is code for 'hand wash, dry flat'. This yarn has been on my wish list for yarn for a while now and I am slowly building up some colours. (So far 12, I was overcome by yarn fumes and couldn't concentrate!..how do you pick from 100 plus colours!)

To make room I am putting the remaining stock of Tempo worsted on sale for $3.00 for 100 grams. (Regularly $5.49)

This weekend is Maplefest...Saturday the downtown will be a busy place.

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