Friday, April 30, 2010

Early Spring!

Spring has arrived early to Southern Ontario, sorry guys in western Canada, we are having a great spring! The only problem is that everything will be early, so instead of a relaxing spring season things are still rushed as it means everything is pushed forward. Planting has to be done when the weather is good, because before we know it the hay will be ready to come off.

Just before closing I got a call that it would be nice if I could come and pick up someone on my way home. The fact that I had to drive 15 minutes in the other direction to get there was not relevant. When I arrived another call to say: "Would you mind waiting until I finished this part?"" Of course not!...I brought my knitting".

Classic Elite Summer Sox, a Cookie A pattern.
Needless to say, supper was very late.
May 1st is tomorrow, the earliest possible date for Bowmanville's Maplefest! Come and enjoy the syrupy goodness that comes from this annual event.
We have some great buys on yarn and my 'spinning' friends are coming to demonstrate how to create your own yarn! (Secretly I think it's their attempt to try to bring me over to their secret society...its tempting!)
(It's a small world, thanks to Kathy's husband, we were able to 'borrow' the tractor as ours was in to be repaired!..It was greatly appreciated!)

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