Thursday, April 1, 2010

And Finally the winning entries

The second place winner of the Yarn Challenge were these socks created by the Grand Prize winner from Last year's Competion. She is one of the three sisters who enjoy being rivals in anything they do! Great work!This year's Winning Entry was made by Gwen, a knitter, spinner, graphic artist. The details are extroidinary. Some of the added colours were leftovers from last year's Challenge!

During the time that these were in the Window display at the Shop there was great interest in all the entries. The Winners were choosen by ballots entered by customers and visitors to the shop during the 2 weeks the entries were on display. (I could never have choosen just one winner!)
Thanks to Mission Falls providing some of the yarn for this event!

Thank-you to all who participated. We will do this again next February...wonder what colours I will use then?

Happy Easter everyone!

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