Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A little bit of warmth from loving, caring people

This is a quote from some correspondence between two of the organizers of a charity drive to provide Helmet Liners for the 4000 Canadian Soldiers that will be away from home at Christmas.

Helmet Liners? Why? Some places in the world helmet liners made from wool would be completely out of the question. Yet other areas they would be appreciated. Helmet liners are small, light and every soldier wears a helmet. They can be used by men and women and head sizes are relatively the same.

If you would like to knit one or a few we could use your help. There are specific requirements to meet some of the standards required by the military. They must be made from 100% wool. (wool is naturally flame retardant) They must also be made with colours that would be 'camouflage' friendly. Dull browns, golds, greens, gray and black.

The patten is available at the Estelle Yarn web site, and at the shop. Thanks to James Publishing for printing some copies for us.

Come into the shop for more details. (I have selected some colours suitable to use for helmets and it is priced so that each helmet will cost $5.00 for the yarn.)

This is a good thing, I hope to be able to send 100 by August 20th!

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