Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Stuff...old new stuff?

You know how when you buy something and then after you wear or use it for a bit you think to yourself "I wish I bought more!". I got to the chance to buy another of something I already own. This past weekend I celebrated my birthday (I am not 50!..I am 51!) and to make life easier on my family I suggested that they could take me shoe shopping! (The Girl who is away at school said "Dad doesn't know what he is in for!")

We travelled to my favourite shoe place, which happens to be Jim Flaherty's favourite too! (We have a great ladies shoe store right across the street (The Glass Slipper)...but I like a certain kind) I looked at the current selection and was not finding what I wanted and then I checked out the sale area and there they were, the perfect shoes, I know they will be perfect for me because I already own a pair exactly the same! Happy Day!

Then we came home to watch some Olympics, I am still amazed by that goal! The Canadian Olympic team did some amazing things!

I did finish my Knitting Olympic challenge, they are blocked and ready for their close-up soon!

The entries for the Yarn Challenge are coming in...I am so excited. The Mission Falls 1824 is knitting and crocheting up very nicely. (We thank the nice people at Mission Falls for their contribution to the competition.)

Another shipment of something new just arrived!

See you soon!

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