Friday, March 5, 2010

Socks Socks Socks

A box of socks, beautiful socks, designed by Red Bird Knits just arrived. 20 different designs all completely different. These will be in the shop until March 2oth. Then they are off to another Local Yarn Shop (LYS).
Yarn Harlot threw out the Olympic Challenge. I signed up and worked away at my "Mission Falls meets Philosophers Wool" mittens. I finished the first one during the first weekend of the Olympics, which left me with a sports related injury, watching the Olympics and knitting! Then in true fashion I left the remaining mitt until the very last weekend and thus I was madly knitting most of Sunday to finish. Sewing up the ends took way longer than anticipated.

I am happy with the results, just don't ask for a pattern. (Not yet anyway.)

If the colours look familiar, they are the same as the colours used in the Soper Creek Yarn Challenge. You will be seeing more projects featuring these colours in Mission Falls 1824 wool!
Next week the voting begins. Take some time to come a admire the socks and vote for your favourite Yarn Challenge entry!
See you soon.

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Paula said...

I make mittens like I make socks -two at a time. Sure beats having to start all over from the beginning for the second one.