Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ever feel like your days are going by so quickly you actually forget to do important things! I have been trying to catch up with a lot of things this past week! I think I am getting somewhere!

1. Thanks for your kind words about my last posting, it wasn't supposed to make you cry, but it did, sorry. It was to tell you about the wonderful people that surround our family. I could never thank them enough for all they did that day and the days following!

2. Managed to get stuff to the Accountants office but then needed to fax all the things I forget to include!

3. The Travelling sock display has come and gone, thanks to my SIL for taking it up to the next place!

4. This is the last week of voting for the Yarn Challenge. Come and see the wonderful creations!

5. I have been knitting a couple (okay more than a couple) of projects:

a) A scarf or something made with the New Noro Lace weight Sekku, started again because I didn't like the results. (Pattern choice not yarn!)

b) A Sweater for me, out of some lovely yarn made from the wool of Migrant sheep in Europe, ripped back 4 rows of the back because I forgot to do the decreases for the shaping.

c) Trying to finish a pair of socks so I can knit a pair out of the new Zauberball that will be gone from the shop if I don't hurry, those darn customers keep buying my favourite things!

5. Easter is next week, how did that happen...better get hopp'in on the Easter display!

Pictures and stuff later....

See you Soon!

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