Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yarn Challenge Part 2

There were some great hats made for the Yarn Challenge, Mission Falls 1824 is great for hats, warm and washable. You will notice in the hat above that the knitter included the red just by using a 'running' stitch, she didn't like the red and may even rip it out when it goes back to her. (The Challenge was to use all the colours, I didn't say use up all the yarn, clever lady!)
This hat was a pattern created by Mission Falls a couple of years ago, great use of the pattern.

I love this hat, it kind of 'evolved' according to its creator, notice the details at the top.

The mannequin head was 'begged' from Justin Barry Optical up the street, a great place to get eye glasses.
More pictures tomorrow.

See You Soon


LRodney said...
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Soper Creek Yarn said...

Oops, forgot the details I posted on Ravelry. The embroidered sweater won first prize, then the socks by you know who and then the Elephant. (Tied for 3rd was also Soper creek Yarn)