Sunday, March 7, 2010

We Moved

some things around in the shop! The Boy was wrangled into the shop yesterday to help move the big glass cabinet back to where it was when the shop opened. The Husband had renovated it to make it more useful. That just started a whole bunch of other moves, one involved stacking some of the Ikea shelves together. Moving yarn and fixtures is a great workout.

We were in a big box store looking for more hooks and I mentioned that my light timer isn't switching the lights on at night. Husband asked if they worked at all and I said "when I come 'home' in the morning....." we both laughed. I guess it is kind of a home for me!

(My husband has lived on the same property all his life. Home for him can be 3 separate things: the house we live in, the farmhouse and the shop at the barn!)

Next week may be a little chaotic, mostly because I won't be able to find anything.

Make a point of dropping by the shop and seeing the Soper Creek Yarn Challenge entries they are spectacular! The voting begins on Thursday and continues until Saturday the 19th.

See you Soon

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