Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Blizzard!

Bowmanville is located just outside of the GTA. Most of our news is broadcast from Toronto and when Toronto gets a snowstorm it's the news of the day.

We braced ourselves for some nasty weather only to find just enough snow to get out the salt trucks and a bit of wind to cause a slight drifting. Needless to say Thursday was very quiet!

Friday, we had Yarn blizzard! Box after box of orders arrived (6 in all). Needles from Addi, a new sock yarn, some linen for summer (yes its coming!), a little Marble Chunky and more baby yarn. Today we are digging out and finding room.

Come and see!


Paula said...

Your lucky, we got about a foot of snow yesterday/Thursday. Not much at once, just steady snow.

Can't wait to get down again and see what's new.

ellen skinner said...

we got about 18" - i was all for having a 'snow day' but the retailer in me set out - 1/2 hour to do a 10 min trip ... not too many customers, but man! my shop is tidy, tidy, tidy!