Thursday, February 25, 2010


We watched only a little of the Olympics last night, tuned into the hockey game during the commercials and then watched the Women's Bobsleigh. The hours of practice and patience it takes to get to the Olympics is just mind boggling. Every minuet movement is analyzed over and over until it's right! Clara Hughes skated a perfect race, she said it was her very best and it would be her last.

Sometimes when we are knitting a project we seem to soar right through creating the perfect garment and other times we crash and burn over and over.

Right now I am working on a very simple shrug and it seems to be taking a toll on my patience.

I hope to finish it today so I can start fresh with something else.

Those working on the Soper Creek Yarn challenge are having a great time with their entries! We have some very creative competitors out there!

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