Saturday, August 8, 2009


After reading Yarn Harlot's blog entry that she posted on August 1st (Priorities!) I began feeling guilty. (I happens with motherhood!) My son is out in the middle of North America doing this really interesting thing and we won't see him until November. Harlot's daughter was only 5 hours away, doing a great thing, but would be home very soon, yet she took time to get into the car and drive to see her!

I know I have this store, we have a dog (that's old, but likes to travel), we have this farm thing and other commitments. So we are thinking, but it involves closing the store for a week, only one week, I will be open every other one from now on. There are lots of decisions, fly, drive, find house sitter that could stay with dog....then there is the root canal thing I have to have done before we can consider going (no drug plan either!)

What I am telling you is that I may decide to close up the shop for a week, the first week in September and the husband and I and perhaps the dog will trek to the middle of no where to see our little boy.

To bribe everyone into feeling good about this, I am having a 'clearance' event. I have sorted out some of the yarns that I am replacing with some new great stuff and there are colours that need to be refreshed.

Come in and see what I have. Some are 30% off some are 50% off. But they all have limited amounts.

I don't 'do' sale events very often, there is always stuff at a good price I do the best I can to find good value in the yarns I select. There aren't any signs posted in the windows. I want to give my blog readers and regular customers the heads up first.

Either its the meds I am on or I haven't had enough coffee if I sound so undecided its because there is so much to decide. . .

See you soon!

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