Sunday, August 23, 2009

22 on the 23rd

Today 'the Girl' turns 22. Its hard to believe where the time has gone. She was 'home' for a few hours to visit for her Birthday. Home is in the middle of a soybean field right now and so there is not much to do. After a quick 'Birthday Supper' she left to go visit friends and now is heading back to Work/school and we won't see her again until October.

"The Girl' walked at 11 months, ran at 12 and climbed at 13. An independent child who's first complete phrase was 'I do it myself!'. I would often say when we were out that 'she picked out her own clothes this morning!' She was and still is 'all girl'; loves jewellery, shoes, bags and shopping. (thus the name Magpie for some of her creations!)

During the summer she worked 2 jobs to help put herself through school (with help from us). Still trying at 22 to figure out her 'purpose' she continues to do remarkable things.

Its amazing how I can remember that day so clearly, like it was yesterday. Right about now I held this first baby of mine, terrified about the future with this new life. Some days have been more challenging than others but I have to admit she has added much joy to our lives.

She has only one fault: she refuses to learn how to knit! Imagine!

Happy Birthday Kid!

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