Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Monday is for...

The laundry was going to have to wait again. First on the agenda was to book the flights, yes we are headed west. The Shop will be closed for the first week in September, August 31st- September 7th (Labour Day). I should be open on September 8th, but phone first, you never can be sure with travel plans!

That out of the way, I headed into Toronto to do some errands. First a call to one of the warehouses to check stock, only to hear that the sprinklers had turned on over the weekend and they were flooded, no word on damages or delays in orders. (imagine soggy bags of yarn!)

I managed a couple of stops, a few interesting finds and got stuck in traffic. This week will be filled with finding a home for all the new inventory for fall.

I know its hot, trust me, this place isn't airconditioned..but there is some great yarns and projects to do!

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