Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hot enough for ya!

Think back in February when we were looking forward to the warm days of summer! Be careful what you wish for!

My little store, is in a very old building, with no air conditioning. It is surprisingly cool despite the weather outside, but still warm.

I skipped work for a couple of hours to 'do' another wedding. The Sanctuary is one of the nicest buildings in town, beautiful woodwork, lovely windows but alas no airconditioning. We can open windows and doors, but the bus goes by just as the Minister is getting to the important part, so many of those have to be closed during the ceremony. Today, we broke the rules and opened anything that would provide even the slightest breeze. The Bride was beautiful, the groom was nervous, the ring bearer and flower girl were adorable, (Mr. Bty's kids from highschool!) and the flowers were gorgeous. I love real flowers at a wedding!

Next week, I head into Toronto on Monday to pickup 4 cases from one supplier, and then another 6 are arriving Tuesday or Wednesday...lots of wool, just what I need more insulation!

Christmas and Winter are coming...will you be ready!

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