Wednesday, July 8, 2009


One of the reasons I had to have this location in Bowmanville, was that it had lovely windows. (South facing are not so good for fading..) Actually the whole store front is quite pretty. I am having someone paint the front, we think there are at least a dozen colours of paint on the woodwork around the windows.

Windows are great advertising for the shop. They work all the time, don't really complain and they are included in my basic expenses. Its just up to me to keep them interesting. I am always looking for new ideas. So far I have had floating apple blossoms, window boxes with yarn flowers, bamboo poles and of course knitting.

I am really pleased with my current east window. I found in my son's room a very large Tonka Truck,(I wasn't snooping, it was on a shelf!) then I found some sturdy rope, another truck..a little dirty from being outside and a couple of rocks...instant 'boys/men' window. It just happens to work with the new selection of men's patterns that arrived last week. Norah Gaughan has created some very clever men's pattern in a new booklet.

The picture doesn't do it justice, its hard to get a good picture through the glass. Come a see for yourself.

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