Saturday, July 25, 2009


When you write a business plan one of the things they want to know is who you want to have as a customer. Describe a knitter (*the term also refers to crochet and spin). The only thing that knitters may have in common is the fact that they knit*.

My youngest customer on my list is 12, the oldest..90ish. They are female and male, single and married, working and retired. I have Professional people, University professors, stay at home moms and self employed and a few unemployed looking for work.

I have knitters that only: knit socks, prefer fine lace, love making mittens, create felted objects, knit blankets for animals or knit baby things for the hospital. I have knitters that follow patterns to the very last letter and others who interpret it their own way. (Well I didn't like the lace design so I put in a cable, made it longer and shortened the sleeves and made the collar into a hood...but I used this pattern)

Customers that only use natural fibres, some that use only acrylics.

Try and explain that to the bank!

I have met so many wonderful people in this adventure. Everyday is a new surprise!

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