Sunday, July 26, 2009


Daughter is home! She didn't bring her ipod charger with her because we have one in the car. I remembered taking it out of the old vehicle, but couldn't remember where it went after that. So we spent quite a long time looking for it.

Finally she texts her brother (who is away on his big adventure):

'have you seen my ipod charger?'

Reply: 'about 2 miles south of Onida, South Dakota!' . I can't repeat what she replied.

Even when they are 2223 km apart they can find something to fight about!

She is happy to be home for a couple of days, we have enjoyed having her at home, my front garden is weed free and she trucked dirt for her dad for one of his projects.

To add to her adventure home, we went out for supper and on the way home stopped into the barn to check on a cow. She was about to deliver and was having a difficult husband and daughter dressed in 'going to town' clothes delivered a very big headed calf, ouch. I played coach from outside the pen.

For those of you with small children, even though we were told all the time, "they grow up so fast"...they really do!

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