Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I have people!

You know the phrase, 'my people will talk to your people' or something like that, well today I have people...or at least I have Dana!

You have to understand that our family does stuff, everything. We paint, paper, refinish furniture, landscape, build things, sew and knit! My husband fixes everything, even people who fix stuff for a living ask him for advice. So to have someone do something for us is a big deal.

Today, Dana is painting the store front. This is how she makes money, and she is very good at it. A couple of weeks ago she sanded the front of the store...12 layers of paint.

and After:

can't wait till its done!

Its nice having people!


ellen skinner said...

ooohhhhh - i'm so jealous! I WANT PEOPLE!

Gwen said...

Absolutely beautiful! I must come down and admire in person.