Saturday, July 18, 2009


Today there is a wedding, I know the couple and even though I have not been invited I am going to be there. No I am not a wedding crasher. For the past 15 years + I have been one of the Church staff members that 'help' at weddings. We open the church doors and windows when needed, put the pew bows up and basically tell the wedding party "where to go and how to get there". Its a very interesting 'job'.

Trinity United in Bowmanville is a lovely old church, with a beautiful sanctuary and we do a few weddings a year. Not as many Church weddings these days, some years we had over 30, every once in a while we would do 3 in one day. I enjoy meeting the bride and groom and a bonus is when they are part of the Church Family and you get to be there for them.

Most weddings are pretty basic, go very smoothly and then there are the ones with the 'memorable' moments. The bride who didn't get the veil fitted by the hairdresser and I literally pinned her veil to her hair with long boutonniere pins. The wedding that they forgot all the flowers at home 40 minutes away. I raced down the street and the florist whipped up a bunch of red and white carnations into a bouquet that bride carried the down the aisle. The flowers arrived in time for the pictures after the ceremony. One usher decided to run home to get his boutonniere only to miss the first 10 minutes of the ceremony. We don't wait for anyone but the bride, we have never cancelled a wedding, never lost a bride, one groom fainted, ring bearers went pale and needed to lie down, flower girls that were complete angels during the rehearsal had a complete melt down during the procession, and those that were terrors during the rehearsal were angels during the wedding.

Getting married? What would I recommend? Simple. The more extras you try to do, the more that can go wrong. Real flowers, live music..but simple.

So today, I will be at a Wedding!

Leaving at 2:30...back on Tuesday!

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