Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Somedays its tough being me!

Yesterday, well you know I just had to break down and get right to work! For 3 hours I forced myself to look at and fondle new yarns. It was was rough..but someone had to do it and it may as well be me!

I really wanted to show all the shade cards all over the floor, but the nice rep had put them all back into there travelling cases. So this is just a small view of what I had to deal with.

Soft alpaca yarns, mohair, silk, bamboo, cotton, merino wool. The fumes were making me dizzy!

I hope you will like what I have chosen. There is some Cobweb lace coming, washable merino wool, a lovely washable wool for baby and alpaca sox. This is being shipped in September.

Coming this week, Marble Baby and Lopi Lite. 100% acrylic vs 100% wool, something for everyone!

I forgot..Saturday (July 18th) I am closing at 2:30, there's a wedding!

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Ann of Green Cables said...

Mmmmm! Yimmy yarns. Good thing yarns have no calories.