Monday, June 11, 2012

Random for a Monday in June!

We had a lovely 'day off' 'The Farmer' and I.  We travelled to see 'The Boy', who is working 2 1/2 hours away.  ('The Girl' was home for the weekend and she was able to watch 'The Dog'*, and she tidied the gardens and cut the grass!)

We ended up travelling around South Western Ontario and inadvertently saw way more than we intended!  On arriving back to the place 'The Boy' is staying we checked anticipated mileage thingy and it told us we had enough fuel to drive 208 km, the Google map we used said that we would travel 209 km to get home.  (We bought gas to get home!)  (South Western Ontario is very pretty, there are some lovely town and villages.)

Next time 'The Farmer' is off we plan to visit 'The Girl' and 'The Boy' stays home to mind 'The Dog".

This Week:
Technique Tuesdays:

Learn something new:

 Inserting Beads:
 Colour work
 Short Rows
Double knitting.

Sessions Run only on  Tuesdays from 10:30 until noon and only for the month of June, we may offer them again in September!  Fee for each session is $10 (tax included)

See you Soon.

It is Knitt'n Night this week, Wednesday from 6 pm - 8pm!

*'The Dog' is a 13 year old Cardigan Corgi who would rather just sleep in his room, (with is face on the air vent when its hot outside) than travel with us.  (He has been to 4 provinces, over 10 provincial campgrounds and various dog friendly hotels in the province.)

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