Thursday, June 14, 2012


Many of you who have visited the shop know of my obsession with anything with loads of colour, mostly NORO.  This Japanese made yarn is filled with thick and thin spots and even the odd knot, but the colours and textures of the yarn create a beautiful fabric.

There are so many Noro samples in the shop right now this weeks window was a breeze to do!

About a month ago I needed some mindless knitting and I remembered this lace weight yarn by Noro.  Kirameki. It  is  a very thin lace weight, there are 495 yards in the 50 gram ball.  I decided that a skinny version of my other Noro scarf  was the perfect project.  The original scarf was based on the famous Baktus scarf on Ravelry.  (I modified that pattern to make a long triangle using 2 balls of Sekku, another Noro lace weight.)  
 The basic principle was to increase one stitch at one edge every 6th row until I had used up 1/2 of the 50 gram ball and then decreased the same side every 6th row until I was back to the  original 6 stitches.  I had a tiny bit left.

 It had a quick soak and I hung it to dry in the shop, it dried in a few hours.
It is almost 100 inches long.  Lovely

In case you were interested in becoming inspired by this yarn:
 This new magazine is filled with amazing designs...
If it is too hot to knit, you can always read about knitting!

See you Soon!

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