Saturday, May 12, 2012

A (sort of) Rant

'The Farmer' is planting corn, after supper we take the pick up over to the field to bring home the tractor and corn planter.  I drive the truck over to the field and drop 'The Farmer' off at the equipment.  I have to travel down the road to get turned around.  This means I am now behind the equipment as we head home.  It's not far so I turn on the 4 way flashers and prepare for the slow trip.  It's not long before a blue pick up appears in the rear view mirror.  The road is narrow and there is a 'blind hill' up ahead, to my surprise the truck decides to pass me.  He gets just ahead parallel to the planter the realises that he is now in jeopardy of creating a head on collision with whoever might be coming over the hill.  I hit the brakes to let him in.  He has now joined our little convoy until 'The Farmer' turns down our road.

Amazingly enough the driver waves to me as he speeds by 'The Farmer'.  (The Farmer thinks it may have been a 5 finger wave, he gets those a lot.)

According to statistics Canada 48% of Canadian Farmers are over 55 years old, and 48% of Canadian Farmers have another job.  Farmers are ageing and they are tired!  The roads they travel on are for everyone, farmers included. Patience everyone.

It's Mother's Day weekend..we have Gift Certificates.

Have a lovely day.


Paula said...

Isn't it ridiculous out there. We have a bridge on the highway between two of our farms. At best it is 2 lanes, usually less when Colin is crossing with equipment. The number of people who try to pass him on that bridge is shocking. He also gets lots of waves, but not usually the 5 finger kind :)

Shawna Brown said...

"Behind every good farmer is a wife who works in town."