Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Baby Bunting!

I am a bit, more than a bit of a yarn snob!  I love natural fibres for all the right reasons, but I also understand the appeal of man made fibres.  Wash ability is one of the great things about these easy care fabrics.

Every once in a while I break my rule and go for the soft acrylic, nylon or polyester.
When the Sales Rep from Estelle showed me the sample I knew that this was going to be in the shop. The balls are 200 grams and 3 will make a very large blankie!

The Label contains 2 blanket patterns and this was the second option.  The pattern requires a very long 9mm circular, which I do not have in stock right now.  I used 2 shorter ones  to do the border, it worked but it was awkward to say the least.  I did like the result.

 Back to working with the Malabrigo and the Noro yarns!

See you Soon!

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