Tuesday, May 1, 2012


April, what happened!

Looking back at the past month, it's amazing how much we did!

The Farmer at work

  • The was an MRI (the Farmer) 
  •  a hip replacement (MIL, she's great and home!)
  •  a Birthday (The Boy's),
  •  a new antenna for the television (more channels to watch, but still nothing!), 
  • The Girl started her job again
  • The Boy finished his 2nd year of Universtiy and today heads off to work for the summer (3 hours away).
  • Planting season started early and then stalled because of the weather.
  • taxes and HST reports that went with them
Then the finished knitting:
  • Peasy sweater
  • Linen Stitch Scarf
  • Barb's Koigu ruffle scarf
  • Stay on Bootie
  • a felted bag, (test drive a pattern)
  • shawl/wrap/cozy thing for a shop pattern

and a few projects still on the go...you don't really want to know how many I have!

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