Monday, May 14, 2012


  This project lived at the shop and we worked away at it whenever there were a few minutes or when a customer wanted to try out the bamboo needles, so maybe up to a dozen people worked on this little shawl.  It probably could use another ball to make it just a little bigger but I was so tired of it wandering the shop for the past 8 months that I was happy to see it complete.  
 However it was not supposed to end right there!  Now what? Rip back to the beginning of the row before, 500 stitches or scavenge some yarn from the joins within the project.
The yarn is Woodlander by James C Brett.  It's a DK weight acrylic and wool blend with a very lovely squishy texture.  Each ball contains 233 yards, not bad for $6.95 a ball.  The Shawl took 2.

Maybe this project is telling me:  Wait I want to be a bigger shawl, get another ball add it to the project!

Today is Monday, there is a big pile of laundry....I will decide later and you will have to come and see my solution.

Knitt'n Night is this Week!  Wednesday 6 pm - 8pm.

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