Thursday, June 16, 2011

It all started:

with a leftover bit of Malabrigo sock yarn that I used for a Travelling Woman Shawl I finished just before Christmas. I loved the yarn so much and didn't want the remaining bit to be wasted I planned to use it up by adding another skein and making Ishbel. (Patterns are for sale here in the shop) I didn't want it to be too big. The pattern is very adaptable, I made the 'larger' beginning and repeated A,B,A,C,D and then E. I didn't want to run out of yarn.

I completed the pattern in a week.

Blocked it

This is what I have left over...about as much as I started with!

Good thing I found this: Daybreak by Steven West.

I called the supplier to order more of the Malabrigo Sock yarn and its so popular that they have started another mill and everything is back ordered like crazy! (Again the most popular yarn in the shop is never 'in' the shop very long.)

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