Friday, June 3, 2011

Finally Friday!

The warm weather has finally arrived and needless to say I am seeing less of you than normally. Which means you are busy out in the garden and not locked inside the house!

I hope to enjoy some of this nice weather by closing early on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday! Why should you have all the fun! ( I am open later on Tuesday, until 7 pm) If that seems like a good thing, I may keep that later time during the rest of the year.

Knitting takes a backseat to other things during the summer, but small projects are easy to take to the Lake, Soccer Game and the Campsite.

I just received a new batch of patterns from "Never Not Knitting" you can download the patterns but the hard copies I have are beautifully presented. As you see I could not wait to start a project to during the quiet times in the shop!I had a lovely visit with Lisa the other day and quickly snapped a picture of her latest creation. A Garnstudio pattern using Kid Seta mohair. The final cast off row had 4000 stitches. It looks amazing.

I love it when you bring in the finished objects to show me!

For those of you visiting the shop in June, be sure to fill out a ballot to enter the draw for a Namaste Messenger Bag.

See You Soon.

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