Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And now with Pictures!

My camera is still at the camera hospital but Gwen kindly loaned me hers.
A little while ago I received these lovely buttons from a new supplier, unusual shapes and colours, so I got a few to start. The mittens have been well received and we have raised over $100 to go to a couple of charities.
This is my Travelling Women shawl, I love the pattern and I may have had enough on one skein to do an extra repeat of the lace pattern but I couldn't face ripping back if I didn't. (I was too cheap to purchase another skein to finish, yet I am prepared to purchase enough to make another one slightly bigger with the leftovers and another skein! Sounds like knitter logic to me!)

I am not sure why I took this picture, I think I was just happy to be able to get some shots of the shop. Notice the Namaste knitting bag and the new Vintage Chunky, lovely chunky yarn wool/blend and machine wash!

We just unpacked a huge shipment of Marble Chunky and new patterns from Lopi, there is a great mitten pattern! Going to go choose the 9 colours it requires.
See You Soon.

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