Friday, June 10, 2011


It's Friday already, where has the time gone. Summer hours are taking a bit to get used to, but closing at 4 pm on Wednesday and Thursday is really nice! (for me!)

Today I am looking around the shop and it's in complete chaos. I am trying to get caught up with the paperwork so the desk is covered in paper. Then the shop has more little piles of yarn everywhere that need a spot or a new home!

The chaos continues at home. We had a window replaced and The Farmer is to do the trim around the window that means the 'front' room is in a shambles. There are boxes of paper that I am sorting and then there is yarn! I looked under the sink in the kitchen to get the fertilizer for my plants only to discover that the 37 year old drain pipe had sprung a leak and there was water covering the floor of the cabinet. The Farmer put on his 'plumber' hat and quickly replaced the pipes, but it meant removing the nice space saver rack, the contents of the cupboard are on the floor in the kitchen. (Our house certainly is not child proof any more!)

Knitting? I am knitting a shawl, imagine that, hope to have it done over the weekend just to say that I actually finished something.

Well back to work!

Don't forget about Knitt'n Night on Tuesday 6 pm - 8 pm. "No Purls allowed!"

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