Monday, April 25, 2011

Mondays are for....


The Boy turns 21 today, can't hardly think about all the things we have done in the past 21 years!

Along with being 21 today, he also had a final exam and needed to be out of his residence room by tomorrow. He brought a bunch of stuff home last week and told us he could move the rest himself. I thought about all the stuff and then tried to imagine how he was going to get it all in his little truck.

Being Monday and my 'day off' we decide to surprise him by driving up to school to take him out for supper. The Girl, The Farmer and I headed out and were there in the early afternoon...we had a lovely supper out and loaded the Escape with all his stuff. (The Boy looked quite releived to see all his stuff in our vehicle!)

I have been looking for a couple of Union Jacks to put into the semi secret window display. On the way to the restaurant what should we pass but a little Scottish shop. $6 for 2 Union Jacks!

Now back to doing the finishing touches, I hope to have it completed by Wednesday.

The Sale continues...come check out the discounts on some lovely Yarn!

See You Soon.

Happy Birthday boy?

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