Saturday, April 30, 2011

Catching Up!

What better thing to do on a Saturday night then catch up with everything.
I have unloaded the camera..about 100 pictures. I promise I won't post them all! The last two yarn challenge entries. Shawna's 'Penny' (the Goat) and Helen's 'my girl Mitts' (Sunshine on a cloudy day!)

There is a bunny at the shop..that needs a picture, but seeing as it is my entry I can post some other time.

Next Week:

More yarn is making its way to the clearance area!

Saturday is Bowmanville's Maplefest! The first of the Festivals. King Street is closed to traffic and is filled with music and food and fun! (Parking is limited and if you don't like the crowds and chaos...come during the week.) It's always fun!

See You Soon.

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