Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do we have any string?

There is a small renovation project being done around here and The Farmer asks: "Do we have any string?" I respond: "Would you like Merino string, or alpaca string, lace weight or chunky!"

(I thought it was funny!)

A quiet Sunday and time to catch up.

Yarn Challenge entries:

The Purple Team:Arlene's Felted Bag: Lesson learned: check for colour bleeding before proceeding. Still looks great!Bonnie's hat for grandchild, a perfect match to the snowsuit!Laurie's Rat Race Scarf:'Redd's' Mitts, her first colour work project!

More photos later this week.

Reminder that the shop is Closed for Good Friday and that the Spring Cleaning event continues....

See You Soon.

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Bonni said...


my hubby wandered into my sewing room from his shop and asked if I had a scrap of fabric he could use.

D'ya think?