Saturday, April 2, 2011

And the Winners are:

Wow, this was really tough. The entries were all amazing and all the projects received multiple votes.

It was a busy day and thanks to Judy we tallied the votes very late in the day.

First place goes to Suzanne's Baby Surprise Jacket, 2nd and 3rd (actually they tied for 2nd.) Nancy's Felted Hat and Katherine's 'Barn Hat". Honourable mentions go to Arlene's felted bag and Shawna's "Penny".

Pictures next week.

Just a bit of a heads up, there is a funeral I have to attend and I may have to leave the shop for a few hours one day next week. (I will keep you posted)

See You Soon.

1 comment:

Bonni said...

Sorry about you having to go to a funeral, although, if you leave the key under the mat we can just help ourselves.

You can trust us....... ;-)