Friday, February 4, 2011


Do you know what that means?

Time for the Soper Creek Yarn "Yarn Challenge". The biggest challenge is coming up with theme for this year. I am auditioning yarns and colours as we speak. The first year we used Shepherd Classic Wool and then last year we used Mission Falls 1824 wool in the Olympic theme colours. What to do? What to do? I will keep you posted and kits should be available after February 14th, (now that I have confirmed the date I am obligated to get this done!)

I you aren't up for a challenge but want to do something good. I have been asked to collect 6 inch and 12 inch squares to be used to make blankets for Orphans in the Ukraine. You can make them from any yarn and they can be either knit or crochet. A great way to sample knitting and crochet patterns and warm up a child at the same time!

Another good thing: The students from St. Stephen's High school have formed a knitting group that are knitting dolls to send to Children with HIV Aids in Africa. They are looking for donations of black and brown ('worsted weight' or similar) and brightly coloured yarns to knit these lovely dolls. (once again the computer cords for the camera are not with the camera!)

Tonight is Knitt'n Night,

See you soon

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Andrea said...

Since you are starting it on Feburary 14th you should to a valentine's Day theme!