Monday, February 14, 2011

Are you Ready for a Challenge!

It's that time again. Yarn Challenge Time. This year's challenge is a bit different. These are the 'colours' that I have chosen, but there is a twist in that you can choose the 4th colour. from these 4, my screen is not showing these very well, but they all look great with the other 3.This year's challenge is to use only the colours provided, you can purchase more of the colours to create a larger project. There is enough to make a small project. (I am not going to suggest anything because I don't want to influence you in any way.)

The Yarn is Cascade 220, the most popular yarn on Ravelry. It is 100% wool, very soft and felts beautifully.

With any competition there are prizes, last year some of the yarn suppliers donated prizes and I will attempt to have them donate again.

1st prize is $30 Gift Certificate to Soper Creek Yarn
2nd and 3rd prizes both receive $15 Gift Certificates.

We have wound up 12 kits (Kits are $5 each). Entries are due back to the shop on March 21st, voting will take place the week following that and the winners announced on April 1st.

This Friday is Knitt'n Night, 6 pm - 8:30 pm. We are working on shawls, we could do a little 'fix your mistakes lesson' if you bring in a swatch of stockinette stitch about 6 x 10 inches, the bigger the swatch the more we can do with it...leave it on the needles. (Worsted weight, smooth yarn, 5mm needles cast on 30 stitches knit 1 row purl 1row for 6 inches)

Last time we did a quick blocking session on a Shawl knit by and eager knitter who is attempting to knit a shawl every 2 weeks!

This past Saturday we had many knitters come in with completed projects and with permission I am posting them on the Facebook page. Go have a look!

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