Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Day?

It's Monday and Family Day. A Holiday here in Ontario. Someone asked last week if I would close on Tuesday because Monday is my regular 'day off. As I am self employed Holidays have a different meaning altogether. The Farmer sees these Holidays as a bit of an inconvenience because equipment doesn't recognize Statutory Holidays and they tend to break down and require parts that aren't available till the next day or later.

Today is 'bill day' for the Farm, I catch-up on last month's accounting and pay the 'staff': the vet, the parts supplier, the feed company.....but I am stalling because I would rather sit in my 'nest' and knit in the sunshine.

Or learn something new with my new toy?

The dog wants out, I am going for a walk then back to work...maybe.

Have a lovely "day off"

See You Soon.

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Paula said...

Yes, Colin hates 'holidays' too. Not only can he not get things done in town, but it usually messes up the market prices too.

So glad I stopped by on Thursday. I ran out of projects and started/finished Ella's horse. Your wool was a life-saver.