Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What's New!

After a lovely weekend, one day I managed to stay in my jammies until way past lunch! I am ready for a big week ahead.

Just arrived: Offhand Designs beautiful bags, designed for knitting, but really just wonderfully handmade vintage bags that are just beyond words. Each is truly a work of art, and be warned the price reflects the workmanship.

A small box of Misty Alpaca Chunky hand paint has been priced and put out ready to make more of those lovely 'cowls' that make the perfect 'I don't know what to get her gifts!'

This Friday is Moonlight Magic, my favourite BIA event, downtown shops will be ready for Christmas shopping. There's a Christmas Tree lighting and all sorts of activities.

(I think I may have a few colours of Frill Seeker coming too!)

edit: Thursday: Frill Seeker arrived, but it's all been claimed! I contacted the supplier, it's all gone! Next shipment arrives...sometime...anytime..no one knows!

See you Soon.

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