Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Mondays are for running around trying madly to catch up.

First stop to the Health food shop to pick up supplies, then drop off the camera to send it off to be repaired, (thank goodness I bought the extended warranty!). Took a quick tour of the 'mall', then remembered why I don't like the 'mall'. I am trying to find a new winter coat but I have something in mind and they just don't have it. Came back into town to the bank, the paint store, the grocery store, talked to my friends at Gather, then home!

The camera won't be back for a couple of weeks!

The Farmer finished the new stand and it is now filled with Wool Clasica from Manos. I am waiting for some Briggs and Little to arrive. So that means there will be more yarn to move.

Knitting: Still trying to finish a few works in progress. The Log Cabin Blanket has grown considerably in the last week. (Picture is from when I started this back in January 2009!)

That's been my week so far.

See you Soon!

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Paula said...

Can't wait to see the new wools. I'm going to make Mom the February Lady sweater for her birthday and will be looking for something sayelle size and not itchy. Mom even thinks alpaca is itchy. I may have to give in and use acrylic!! We're hoping to come down in November to the TO parade.