Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I think I will open Mondays!

Not really.

Just that Mondays are truly catch up days. Yesterday I:

1. Travelled to Brooklin to get supplies for our water system at the house

2. Took the car into Oshawa for an oil change,

3. Picked up some wooden hangers and wandered the organising store.

4. Purchased a new virus software for the computers and debated about more music CD's.

5. Groceries. (The Farmer says upon opening fridge: "Look! A magic box, one day there is nothing the next it is full!)

6. To Osso Lighting to get light bulbs for the windows, actually would like new fixtures too!

7. To the Shop to put out the recycling

8. The dishwasher is looking to retire, we need a replacement soon, suggestions?
(Eating out is on the top of the list of my favorites, but not practical!)

Then home....to knit?

I did knit during the visit to the car dealership. I think I am going to finish this shawl in record time. You may need to sign up for Ravelry to see the pattern, you should anyway, but be warned time flies when you are on this site!

I have come to the shop today to recover but it's chaos here too!

Don't forget about Thursday night...What a Girl Wants!

See You soon.

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