Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not worth it!

I was going through my stash at home, I have stash, some of the stash goes back to Rickaby days! (shhh don't tell those at home!) I came across a free sample of some yarn from a supplier. Pretty colours, hand dyed and lace. Merino/angora and something else. Maybe I should try something? I untwisted the skein onto my swift, which is permanently set up in front of the TV, I began to untie those nasty loops that keep the skein together. They broke in my hand. Then I tried to put it onto the ball winder, broke again. The yarn literally shreds itself!

What to do, the thought of throwing out yarn is completely wrong. (Must use every scrap of every yarn always!) This yarn is not worth using. Crap in Crap out, you get what you pay for, life is too short to use crappy yarn!

Tomorrow is garbage day at home, I have told myself and now I have told you, it's going into the bin. It will be painful to watch it go, but it's not worth any ones time and effort to use!

Maybe while I am feeling ruthless I will do the same for some other yarns in my stash!


Paula said...

Sometimes the wool just isn't worth the effort. Get rid of it and don't feel guilty.

maddy said...

I can't imagine how frustrating it would be to try and knit or crochet with it. It puts me in mind of Cowichan from back in the 80's! Simply not worth the frustration and especially given that the garment may completely fall apart!!!!!